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Are you a singer who doesn’t sing anymore?

Did you give up because of a critical parent or teacher?

Did you have trouble finding your authentic voice, even in music school?

Do you want to perform again, but don't have the courage?

I specialize in helping you heal your relationship to your voice.

We stop sharing our gifts for many reasons:

Personal crisis

Performance anxiety


Critical teachers, parents or peers

Physical injury 


Work and personal responsibilities

Fear of success/failure

I know how hard it is-- I've been through all of the above. And I would love to help you find your way out of the maze. 

I spent my master's internship doing clinical work with professional singer-songwriters. I helped them overcome creative blocks to get back to writing, performing and recording. You can read my thesis here.

I am trained in Internal Family Systems (IFS) - a cutting edge model of personal transformation - and I am a certified voice coach and music therapist. 

Through IFS Vocal Coaching, I aim to help you access your unique creative sound, the confidence to express yourself, clarity about your goals, and the courage to perform.