Music Psychotherapy

Music Room

My Approach

I am a Music Therapy graduate of New York University. My speciality is helping artists & creatives heal from addiction. My therapeutic approach is rooted in IFS therapy and expressive arts (movement, roleplay, singing). My interpersonal style is warm, direct and playful.

My Philosophy

I think of therapy as an excavation process. You have all the gems of wisdom inside of you. We will collaborate to help you discover your unique values, talents, passions and path. My ultimate goal is to help you trust and accept yourself, so that you can heal in your own unique way.

Meditation by the Sea
Listening to Music

Vocal Music Therapy

Music evokes emotion and memory. Singing stimulates the relaxation response. Creativity transforms trauma into beauty. If you love to sing, I can show you how to heal through finding your song.

Sessions optionally include: breath work, singing, toning, sound making, songwriting, music listening, lyric discussion and verbal psychotherapy. 

Music Therapy Outcomes

• Improved self-image/Increased self-esteem

• Decreased anxiety/agitation

• Enhanced interpersonal relationships

• Increased motivation

• Successful and safe emotional release

(AMTA, 2006)

Illustrated Musical Instruments
Sat on the Rocks

About Internal Family Systems (IFS)

IFS is an evidence-based psychotherapy that helps people heal through self-compassion. "All parts welcome" is the message of the IFS model, which holds that our most destructive behaviors were originally developed as a form of protection. The work is dialoguing with our inner child and protective parts, to understand motivations and help behaviors transform. This allows us to uncover our innate gifts.