Female Performer

 My Coaching Style



The best way to sing is to get out of your critical mind and into a state of play. We will engage your inner child in the game of singing. Spontaneous silly sounds, fun visualizations, movement, imitation and roleplay can automatically shift your sound.


I ask you to tune into present moment sensations and emotions, as well as your beliefs about yourself and singing, to release tension and orient in your authentic voice. I use acting exercises to help you perform songs from a genuine place.


Above all, I trust your intuition. The song you most want to sing is the best one. There is a reason that your soul is choosing it. I also trust my spontaneous hunches. I design exercises on the spot based on your learning style and temperament.

Music Band Performance

Goals of Coaching



Singing takes effort, but not tension or force. My methods are designed to help you achieve ease physically and mentally. Once techniques are integrated, you will feel at one with your voice, able to sing comfortably, on command, consistently.


Singing should be fun! It is a state of creative play. Engaging your brain, body, and breath in ways that access flow states, will help you find pleasure - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually - in the act of using your voice.


When singing feels easy and joyful, a natural state of confidence emerges. I am known as an ebullient force of encouragement; I will help you see and embrace your gifts and abilities, so that you celebrate your instrument!