• Melissa Guttman

What does it mean to "succeed" or "fail" as a singer?

I spent a lot of my life afraid to sing and thinking I wasn’t good enough. ⁣

I didn’t take the road of the pop singer or the musical theatre star, auditioning and following my dreams. ⁣

I self sabotaged and hid. For more years than I’d like to admit.⁣

Then God intervened. I met amazing voice coach sherpas who lead me on a spiritual journey. ⁣

I learned how to express myself fully. My song became my freedom.⁣ I went back to get my degree in music therapy to study the psychology of singing.

Did I fail to be a pop star? Definitely. ⁣

Did I fail to be a singer? No, I did not.⁣

I was victorious.⁣

You might be reading this, working a 9-5 job, disappointed that you failed to make a career in music.⁣

I get that. That’s real, and something to be grieved.⁣

But listen-⁣

It’s not too late to be a singer.⁣

Your voice is always there waiting for your return.

And thanks to the internet and singing competitions, it’s still possible to find success, whether or not you’ve already failed.⁣

You deserve to come home to your voice, and heal your relationship with singing.⁣

Your failure doesn’t have to be the end of your story. ⁣

Pictured: Darlene Love. Watch “20 ft from Stardom” and hear her comeback story for inspiration ❤️⁣





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