• Melissa Guttman

Take Up Space

Many people are drawn to singing because they feel they cannot be bold, loud, or forthright in their ordinary lives.  

Many were socialized to be quiet and polite (common with cisgendered females). They were cautioned not to be too boisterous, funny, aggressive. 

So their body encodes freedom as a threat.  

When you work with me, we find gentle ways to expand... 

We may start with noticing: Where am I tense? Is there a story that goes along with this tightness? Is there a memory?  

We start to uncover and heal the story behind the blockage. Emotions release, the body regains flexibility and spontaneity.  

The voice takes on a new character.  

We don’t have to stay loud, but we want the option to be loud.  

It’s ok to be angry and to shout NO! 

It’s ok to be quiet, because we choose to be. 

It’s more about letting go of rigidity so that you, and your voice, can express in a way that feels authentic to each moment.  

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