• Melissa Guttman

How anger helps you sing

Many women tell me that they can’t access their anger easily. ⁣


Many singers tell me that they cannot belt.⁣

Coincidence? I think not. ⁣

In our culture, many women are trained to cry, not roar.

Many can sing in head voice, but not in their chest voice.⁣

They think chest voice is “dangerous” and “damaging.”⁣

Not so. ⁣

That is just patriarchal oppression showing up in vocal pedagogy.

First of all, you speak all day, right? You’re using your chest voice. ⁣

Second, belting will not hurt you, if you release emotion rather than push sound. ⁣

You know what will harm us?⁣

1) Straining to belt because we think we aren’t powerful and compensate for a perceived lack of power. ⁣

2) Shutting down our anger, which only converts it to self-attack. ⁣

That will destroy your vocal cords and your confidence. ⁣

It’s time to come back home to your *natural* power. ⁣

If you want to belt the fuck out of a song, get to know these big emotions. Your unabashed joy. Your rage. Your orgasm.⁣


They are your fuel for your biggest, best life and performances. ⁣





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