Are you called to sing?

Do you want to find your voice and express your true self?

Look no further.

Years ago, I had a pretty voice. But something was missing. I thought I needed more talent, but I really needed more authenticity.

I met a 'voice whisperer' at age 23. She taught me that to find my true voice, I needed to tap into my emotions, and hidden parts of my personality.

I started using songs to connect to my anger, confidence, sensuality, grief. Each expression etched a new groove in my voice, unlocking it's full potential. My voice got big, deep and powerful. 

Then I took a vocal performance class called The Inner Voice, where I learned how to act songs. For the first time, I became truly vulnerable with people.

I could "sing with soul" and move audiences to tears. 

Inspired by my breakthrough in self-expression, I got my Master's in Music Therapy, specializing in the psychology of singing. 

I believe that we cannot find our full voice without being our true self. And that singing is a journey of vocal *and* personal development.

I now offer therapeutic voice lessons to unlock your full self-expression.





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