When I was 23, I felt that I wasn't singing at my fullest potential. I wanted to find the "X Factor" that would make me stand out in my performances and auditions.

I moved to NYC and started taking lessons with a woman dubbed the "voice whisperer." She taught me that my voice was a reflection of my beliefs and personality, not what was actually possible.

She said that to find my real voice, I needed to connect to my true self. A lifelong people pleaser, I was disconnected from my truth, and all the ranges and colors that came along with it. I started using songs to connect to my anger, confidence, sensuality, and grief.

My voice transformed. No longer merely light and sweet, it was also wide, powerful and deep. People started reacting differently to my singing. They told me how "talented" I was. They said I could "sing with soul." When I performed, I often moved people to tears.

The inner transformation was as stunning as the outer.

I was able to use music to meditate​, which decreased my anxiety. I used songs to process my trauma in a way that was beautiful, gentle and fun. I gained confidence from learning what my voice was capable of. Being creatively spontaneous taught me how to trust myself. I could find self-compassion in the lyrics of songs that matched my story.

I became passionate about how music heals, and went back to get my Master's in Music Therapy. ​

Now I provide singing psychotherapy to help you free your true voice and self.


You had the power all along, my dear

- Glinda the Good Witch


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