Do you have a calling to sing?

Do you want to express your true self?

Look no further.

Years ago, I had a pretty voice. It was light and sweet. But something was missing. I thought I needed more talent, but I really needed more authenticity.

I met a 'voice whisperer' at age 23. She taught me that to find my true voice, I needed to tap into my emotions, and hidden parts of my personality.

I started using songs to connect to my angry side, my childhood grief, my sensuality. 

My voice got big, deep, and powerful.

I finally understood what it meant to sing with soul. I felt like a Natural Woman.

Then I took a performance class called The Inner Voice, where I learned how to act songs in front of an audience. For the first time, I became truly vulnerable and connected with people around me.

Now I believe that the purpose of singing is freeing your full voice to be your true self.

Whether you dream of singing professionally, or just want to sing for the freedom it brings, I can show you how to express your soul through song.





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