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My specialization is helping people find their true self-expression through song.

This includes singing as well as other aspects of song- acting, dance, songwriting.

The voice and music is my main tool. I got my bachelor’s degree from Berklee College of Music in Voice and my master's in Music Therapy from NYU. I am a board certified music therapist. 

I have studied extensively with renowned vocal coach and counselor Jennifer Hamady on the psychology of singing and self-expression. I completed the New York Vocal Coaching Voice Teacher Training & Certification. I also completed the Performance Wellness, Level I & II: Training program with Louise Montello. 

During my master’s internship in outpatient mental health, I regularly used therapeutic songwriting to help clients find their truth. I wrote my thesis about helping singer-songwriters reconnect to their craft after trauma. I additionally spent four years facilitating songwriting & recording sessions for homeless veterans with PTSD through the nonprofit Voices of Valor. 

With a background in musical theatre, acting and dancing have always been interconnected with singing for me. As an adult, I have trained in acting and dance methods that enhance my personal growth:

I spent 100+ hrs in psychodrama training at "The Inner Stage." I took a 6-week training in acting techniques at Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop, Josh Pais's Creative Invincibility workshop, and the Magnet Theatre's 3-level musical improv comedy training. I cut my teeth in acting songs as a regular member of David Friedman's Inner Voice classes.      

I grew up learning jazz, tap and musical theatre choreography. Now I regularly practice improvisational dance and sensual movement. I am a devotee of S Factor pole dance studio, and obtained the Femme! Teacher certification to lead sensual & somatic healing movement experiences.


I am additionally trained as a life coach. I completed CTI's Co-Active Coach® 104 hr Training Program. I completed Landmark Education's Self Expression & Leadership Program and their Team, Management & Leadership Program. I am currently a student in IFS -- a psycho-spiritual training to work with our higher self and inner child parts.  





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